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  • 19 Aug 2019 5:06 PM | Anonymous member

    Apra Australia Conference 2019 

    DATE: Monday November 11 2019

    LOCATION: Monash University, Caulfield Campus

    Dear Apra Australia members,

    I'm very happy to be able to give you an update on our annual conference, taking place Monday 11 November.

    Before we get to the program, I'm very pleased and excited to announce one presenter, John Stensholt. If you are not familiar with John, I can guarantee you are familiar with his work! John has been writing about Australia's wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs for years, first as the Editor of the Australian Financial Review's Rich 200 list, and since 2018 as the Editor of The List for The Australian newspaper. Like me I'm sure you are greatly looking forward to hearing about the work of John and his team.  

    Below is is an outline of a great program that members and guests have put together for us. We anticipate one more data-driven presentation but subject to some other tweaks that is the full programme.

    But a few things first:

    1. Registrations are now open – click here to register at the current early bird rate, with current Apra Australia members to receive a discount (it’s easy to join, just click here).
    2. We are inquiring with local hotels the Sebel Melbourne Malvern and the Caulfield Serviced Apartments about rates they can offer. More details to follow.
    3. We will be holding another Sunday evening social get-together, on top of the Apra Australia AGM that same day, which everyone is more than welcome to attend. More details to follow.
    4. We are excited to be making available one bursary of $300 for an Apra Australia member not otherwise not able to attend the conference – please see the form to apply.

    A Family Affair - An inter-generational approach to researching HNW and influential families, and using the family networks to leverage the best outcome for major gifts; in Australia, Asia and the world (full session)

    Eresha de Silva, Macquarie University (full session)

    Learning objective #1: Attendees will learn intergenerational differences and views on charitable giving.

    Learning objective # 2: Attendees will learn about researching family networks in Australia, Asia and the world (UK, US and the Middle East mainly) to find the funds.

    Learning objective # 3: Attendees will learn some strategy and items to consider when approaching families for major gift.

    Creating a comprehensive Prospect Management Handbook (full session)

    Chris Lang, The University of New South Wales 

    Over the past 18 months, the UNSW Philanthropy Division has implemented a comprehensive Prospect Management Handbook, which includes solicitor roles, prospect status and classification, portfolio reviews, reassignment requests, and health checks for anomalies. Initially created for the Development team, it has been expanded and adapted to include Future Giving, Lead Annual Giving, and Alumni & Engagement.

    Learning objective #1:

    Attendees will learn how to develop their own prospect management procedures and awareness of exceptions or caveats.

    Learning objective # 2:

    Attendees will also learn how a wide range of staff and leadership were consulted to ensure approval and implementation of division-wide policies and procedures.

    Relationship Mapping (full session)

    Presenters TBC - Monash University

    As part of our endeavours to improve how we present our work to fundraisers, our team at Monash University has been investigating the opportunities that relationship mapping could present to us. In this, we would like to clearly represent the connections that some of our engaged prospects have, and the networks that these connections could open up for usThis opens up a number of opportunities for us: to find more like-minded individuals to be part of our philanthropic journey that we already have connections to, (that we may not have known about previously), and to find connections to recommended or key interest prospects that we have been unable to reach in the past. This provides a simple and clear visual representation of how we can assist and support fundraisers to more efficiently and effectively manage the relationships and prospects in their pools.

    Learning objective #1: 

    Attendees will learn about Monash's journey to better understand and support our fundraisers through visual and easy to use relationship mapping tools.

    Learning objective # 2: 

    Attendees will learn about the approach we have chosen to take, and why we thought this was the best approach given the costs and benefits we weighed up.

    Strategic Discussion – Stepping Away from Cleanup and Focusing on Meaningful Conversations (remote session) (full session)

    Holly Weimer, The University of Georgia 

    Leadership likes to use the phrase “strategic discussions”, but what does that mean and how do you accomplish it? How we moved away from clean up focused Prospect Management meetings and transitioned into a more meaningful conversation with Development Officers about their portfolio and prospects.

    Learning objective #1:

    Attendees will learn how to make portfolio reviews more strategic.

    Learning objective #2:

    How to understand and measure overall portfolio health.

    Key Trends in Major Giving (full session)

    Conor McCarthy, Fundraising Research & Consulting

    Australian philanthropy is changing at great speed, and this presentation gives an overview of some key trends, including:

    Ongoing increases in Australian wealth (the average top 250 rich lister is now a billionaire);  The rise of the billion-dollar donors; Major giving's increased share in giving overall (tax data shows that 46% of all individual giving now comes from the 0.15% of donors who give $25k+ annually); Trends in different sorts of PAF giving; The different ways HNWIs are engaging in giving (philanthropy, impact investment, etc); International comparisons, and lastly what we know and what we don't.

    This presentation includes detailed information and analysis of all these trends.

    Learning objective #1:

    Attendees will understand some of the key shifts occurring in the rapidly changing Australian philanthropy market.

    Learning objective # 2:

    This wider overview should help colleagues across the sector to contextualise their own prospect research and analysis in light of wider trends.

    Q&A with John Stensholt (full session)

    Bring your questions about anything and everything to do with those rich lists that we are all so familiar with. John will talk about the secrets behind putting together The List of Australia's Richest 250 and what it's like to deal with Australia's most successful and colourful entrepreneurs. This session will start with a facilitated conversation and then open up to questions from the audience.

    Change the system: Change the Mindset – Improving Portfolios and Pipelines (15 mins)

    Susan van Oorschot and Priya Kanji, the University of Auckland 

    The University of Auckland launched a campaign in 2016 without developed portfolio management and pipeline monitoring systems. Fundraisers were working on immediacy rather than seeing overall structure of their portfolio and future planning. Monthly progress meetings between Fundraisers and the Director were based solely around Action reports (not always up to date) and discussions were more KPI focused than portfolio-based. Portfolio health was not covered in an evidence-based way, making it hard to assess whether the pipeline was working well enough to achieve Campaign goals.

    In 2018 Raiser's Edge NXT was implemented as a way of engaging fundraisers more with the database and encourage all relevant information to be entered and be easily accessible on the go. In anticipation of this we created a new system for prospect management that enabled us to report on portfolio health and movement through the pipeline. This involved both using the new features available in NXT as well as adapting fields in RE7.

    Learning objective #1:

    Attendees will learn how adopting an end-user friendly system has improved fundraiser engagement in pipeline and portfolio management during the campaign.

    Learning objective # 2:

    Attendees will learn what we have found to be the benefits when changing to a new database, and how we overcame some of the roadblocks.

    The Discipline of Intelligence Collection (15 mins)

    Reed Foster, Murdoch University 

    Prospect research practitioners will be advised of how the intelligence collection cycle is applied beyond the realm of the higher education and not-for-profit sector and how a systematic approach to collection may improve an organisation’s ability to exploit critical information.

    Learning Objective:

    The presentation will endeavour to encourage alternative methods of approach for research and analysis while highlighting specific resources and techniques for social media monitoring (engagement) and geospatial intelligence (assets and real estate).

    An insight into Prospect Research and Management’s role in the recent $1 billion INSPIRED campaign at the University of Sydney (15 mins)

    The Prospect Research & Management Team, The University of Sydney 

    Learning objective #1:

    Attendees will learn prospect research strategies for contributing to a successful fundraising campaign in Australia.

    Learning objective #2:

    How to assist your organisation by adapting to changing needs with each stage of the campaign cycle.


    Stephen Rowe

    President, Apra Australia

  • 8 May 2019 10:37 AM | Anonymous member

    Save the date!

    This year’s Apra Australia conference will be at Monash University’s Caulfield Campus in south Melbourne, on Monday 11th November 11.

    The Apra Australia board will be in touch again throughout the year with more details, but naturally we are very interested in hearing from anyone who would like to be a speaker, nominating others as speakers they would like to hear from, or even if there’s a particular topic you think would be of value for everyone.

    We look forward to hearing from you and providing more updates soon!

  • 4 Sep 2018 10:59 AM | Anonymous member

    The Apra Australia board have been busy putting together what is looking to be Apra Australia’s best conference yet. A full agenda of the day’s activities will be distributed within the coming weeks, but for those wondering what to expect on the day, below is a selection of topics and speakers you will hear from on the day.

    For those yet to register, don’t forget to take advantage of the Early Bird offer before it closes on the 30th September Apra Australia 2018 Conference - 'Best Practice in a Growing Industry', $95 for members and $125 for non-members.

    The framework and broad overview of Prospect Management at Caltech with a collaborative approach that advances a culture of philanthropy and drive toward campaign success

    Vanessa Boyle, Assistant Director of Prospect Management, California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

    A case study on the University of Melbourne’s response to the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    Linda Goldsmith, Specialist Trusts Lawyer, University of Melbourne and Edwina Kenrick, Head of Prospect Development, University of Melbourne

    Researching diverse communities - It's a small, small world?           

    Dan Hui Wang, Prospect Research Manager, Monash University and Deborah Hyland, Prospect Development Manager, UNSW     

    How to use predictive analytics models and rankings to inform data driven decision-making

    Joshua Forward, Annual Giving & Analytics Manager, Sydney Theatre Company

    How fundraisers really use prospect research, and evidence of the value prospect research adds

    Roewen Wishart, Director of Xponential Strategy, Xponential Philanthropy

    Alumni prospecting and engagement

    Bridget French, Senior Officer – Development, Griffith University

    Creating an interactive campaign gift table based on your prospect list

    Rehmana Khan, Senior Manager Information & Analytics, and Aiman Jajo, Manager Analytics, UNSW

    WealthX - World Ultra Wealth Report (2018)

    David Awit, Senior Director Middle East & Asia Sales, Wealth-X

    A guide to life after death

    Tim Grime, Prospect Intelligence Analyst, The University of Western Australia

    Who are we? Sector survey results

    Stephen Rowe, Prospect Research & Briefing Manager, ANU and President, Apra Australia

  • 30 Aug 2018 11:12 AM | Anonymous member

    Apra Australia is pleased to announce that Chapter President Stephen Rowe was this year’s winner of Apra International’s Margaret Fuhry Award, which recognises his outstanding volunteering and leadership of Apra Australia. Stephen has contributed significantly to the creation of our chapter (the first outside North America), hosted the first of our conferences in 2014, has been a regular conference presenter, and you might have noticed his annual sector survey too! Congratulations Stephen

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